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This is probably the most basic trick fortnite in the game. But it is very important because Fortnite Battle is a game in which you don’t need to run and jump like a goat. It’s not the best idea to have. Indeed, a person who has a headset glued to the ears will be particularly sensitive to your movements.

Therefore, you should not run, but rather get down using L1/LB while making as little noise as possible when you move. Also pay attention to your visual indicators, especially when you run, as a sniper may well spot you.

Strengthen your defenses

If we know that free fortnite v bucks Battle is also a building game, it is always important to fortify all your defenses. The game also has an entire construction system that allows you to strengthen your defenses. It is then necessary to learn to master this facet of the game in order to succeed in the construction of a fortification when the situation seems favourable to the use of this system.

This is the case at the end of the game when you are in the top 5 and there is almost nothing left to hide. For the other players, they will mostly try to hide in a bush or behind a tree. The best would then be to bet on an intelligent fortification in order to continue to have a global vision of the game.